Only original boxes are presented Fedoskino

                       More than 220 years ago, a Russian merchant P. Korobov created a factory of lacquer products or, as they said, lacquer products in the suburbs, which initially produced lacquer parts of military hats: visors. And only later, when the factory was transferred to his son-in-law P. Lukutin merchant, began the era of Russian lacquer miniatures. She began to decorate the most popular things of the time: snuff boxes, boxes, cigarette boxes, compact, cups, panels. Unlike the ancient Chinese, lacquer miniature in Russian surprised and pleased with its life-affirming color and exquisite style of fine writing. Special grace and unique light gave the materials used by artists to paint miniatures: oil paints combined with mother of pearl, gold leaf, metal plates, a special reflective coating. Skill and secrets of painting were inherited.

Our store offers papier-mache boxes of sophisticated design which were created by handicrafts artists on the basis of centuries-old technology and painted by hand by outstanding miniature painters. 

We offer a wide variety of exquisite non-imitation papier-mache boxes. 
We do not offer off-price boxes as we use high-quality materials (hardboard, flax oil, brushes, paints, lacquer and, of course, gold leaf, mother of pearl). We strictly comply with the terms of production. Every box produced by our company is a masterpiece, and some of these masterpieces take several months to one year to complete.  


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