Only original boxes are presented Fedoskino

                       More than 220 years ago, a Russian merchant P. Korobov created a factory of lacquer products or, as they said, lacquer products in the suburbs, which initially produced lacquer parts of military hats: visors. And only later, when the factory was transferred to his son-in-law P. Lukutin merchant, began the era of Russian lacquer miniatures. She began to decorate the most popular things of the time: snuff boxes, boxes, cigarette boxes, compact, cups, panels. Unlike the ancient Chinese, lacquer miniature in Russian surprised and pleased with its life-affirming color and exquisite style of fine writing. Special grace and unique light gave the materials used by artists to paint miniatures: oil paints combined with mother of pearl, gold leaf, metal plates, a special reflective coating. Skill and secrets of painting were inherited.


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